Blended learning

The results of the last few years have ensured that companies and people around the world have moved closer together digitally. Particularly in the area of digital learning, thanks to increasing demand and necessity, there has been a great leap forward in development that goes beyond the realm of YouTube and co.

The demand for good training and competent teaching staff is high. We at Dicebridge Training GmbH offer you both. We combine face-to-face teaching (also virtual) with self-study. This combination is better known as blended learning, where the advantages of face-to-face teaching are combined with those of self-study phases to offer you the greatest possible learning success.

Our blended learning is designed in such a way that there is a clear separation between virtual face-to-face teaching and self-learning phases. In virtual face-to-face teaching, a teacher is always present to convey content to the learners that requires communication for better cognitive understanding. Furthermore, content that creates a foundation or is particularly complex is suitable for this.

In the self-learning phase (SLP), the learners are given the content that builds on the content they have learned in the online training by means of a learn management system (LMS). No teacher is present during the self-learning phase, but he or she is available afterwards to answer questions.

In addition, learners receive a manual that they can use as a learning aid and reference book. In this manual there are step-by-step instructions and explanations that support the learning process. The time frame always depends on the type of course chosen. More detailed information can be found in our course catalogue. Blended learning offers the following advantages:

  • cheaper implementation
  • Higher training time per TN
  • only approx. 50% load per working day of the participants
  • Participants who are less able to learn can take more time
  • Stronger learners can go through the SLP faster
  • Personal responsibility in learning is encouraged during training
  • Guided learning pathways provide a constant sense of achievement
  • SLP learning assessments provide a clearer picture of learning success